I would work long hours and invest lots of hours traveling to and from work. If I worked from house my workdays would be shorter due to the fact that I would not require to take a trip really far simply from one space to another:–RRB-, I know that working from home can be challenging but if you do what I do and have a space setup as a workplace so when you are in there working it is your location of work … Sure the kids can still come in and get you or you could step out to make a coffee and a treat … But the charm of working from house is that you are there and can handle your day as to how much time you are willing to put into your business.Many individuals like me begin their home service before they stop their fulltime task, which I may state is a really great way to do it … We all require cash from one source or another.I was so glad when I discovered the PIPS Program (check out pips.html in resource box )it is such a Fantastic work from home opportunity. Don’t get me incorrect IM no slouch I work really hard at working my business to be successful.

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