I received a number of interesting emails this week …

The first e-mail made me very curious just since of its length – it was extremely brief, however provided to ‘make you one million pounds in only 2 months’.

Now, as you can picture, I get many of these interactions each and every week and I generally like a little more information before I say either ‘send me some more info’ or ‘no thanks, this isn’t something that I’ll be using to my members’.

Because this was so brief … I was prompted into a reply. I do not understand if this was deliberate or whether it was simply lazy on the part of sender. Anyway, it worked … and I replied.The next message impressed me, it merely said … again … ‘I can make you one million pounds in 2 months, we have to satisfy’.

Well, by now I was incredibly suspicious, and I haven’t yet gotten a reaction to my email which simply checked out ‘Have you made this money yourself?’

Which brings me onto the point of proof …

Although I discover some remarkable concepts, if I can’t make them work for myself … or in the time that individuals declare that it’s possible, then I simply can’t go out to my members and state ‘this works’.

Evidence is an extremely effective marketing tool that just should be consisted of in order to be successful …

For instance, I’m dealing with someone at the minute that has an incredible health product, and I have actually recommended to her that the headline of the website need to be instantly followed by a testimonial, such as ‘I was suffering with x, up until I found y’.

Incredibly effective, yet so simple.I’m likewise working with someone that remains in the process of establishing their own Private detective online company. Once again, we are utilizing proof at the entry point of the website.Moving on … The

2nd e-mail that I wish to speak about was somebody questioning whether they could do this on their own … The e-mail was a series of questions that

, to me, check out like reasons … One of which was’I do not believe that I have the entrepreneurial skills required to do this, what do I need?’I believed about this long and hard, as I didn’t

wish to give a standard text-book action … I answered all of the preliminary questions with examples of individuals that I’ve dealt with, or my own personal experience … Then, I wrote the following: A business owner is someone that is prepared to invest Ł5 to make Ł20, knowing that worst-case he/she will get the Ł5 back … Now, to describe this … I went on to state that if you hadn’t looked into a particular market, or an item rate, you ‘d be guessing -rather like the average gambler on horses on a Saturday.However, if you knew all there was to understand, and you ‘d run some tests of your own, you ‘d be quite sure that your small investment was going to return you a profit.And to continue with the example of a gambler, this time you ‘d be a professional bettor-that has invested all morning going through

the form guide … So, today my online service pointers are proof and preparation.Take care and have an excellent week, Chris Cobb

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