The Good And Bad SEO Practices To Pay Attention To

The aim of search engine optimization is to help a website or even a web page for that matter to rank as high as possible in search results of Google, Yahoo, Bing and other big name search engines. A lot of effort is put into each process of optimizing the website and SEO techniques can get risky if not handled carefully. There is a lot of scope for mistakes which might cause harm to the business. If you do not handle your SEO project carefully then mistakes can get repeated which can cause a lot of harm to the reputation of your company.

Here is a list of mistakes that would cause more harm than benefit for your business:

1. Not keeping track of results

It is important that your SEO project is tracked because results are not always visible immediately. SEO techniques take time to be visible, therefore, you need to track the progress of the SEO work and keep track of how much better your website is on the search engines compared to the last time you checked. Tracking results helps you to identify the areas that need improvement. If you do not keep track of the results, you might think that your SEO work is a success and, hence, proceed with more aggressive SEO techniques.

There are many benefits for using good SEO techniques. One of them is driving free organic traffic and that can increase your revenue on the long run. For instance, a Houston search engine optimization consultant client saw their organic traffic increase by 925%. Isn’t that an amazing result?

2. Trying to be too aggressive with your SEO techniques

When you apply aggressive SEO techniques, it might get you more visitors but it might hurt your brand. Even when you apply aggressive techniques, it might hurt your ranking in the search engines. It is always better to stay in the middle path and apply the techniques only when it is needed. When you apply methods just for short time, you might cause a lot of harm to your website. Search engine optimization is supposed to yield long term benefits and not for a short time.

3. Using spamming methods

Spamming might cause damage to your website and brands reputation. Spamming might create a lot of false positives; hence, it is never a good option. Always stick to ethical methods and avoid using spamming methods like link farming. If the search engines catch you then you are in for a big trouble.

4. Using invalid SEO techniques

If you do not use the methods required for SEO, you might cause damage to your site. Using invalid SEO techniques might cause a lot of harm. Invalid techniques are those that try to trick search engines into believing that they are crawling a website or page while the opposite is the case.  If you use invalid SEO techniques, it might get your website banned from the search engines. It is never a good option to do invalid SEO methods. If you take a wrong option, you might cause a lot of harm to your website.

Before taking any SEO steps, you need to check the following points:

Make sure your site is optimized correctly: All the pages on your site need to be optimized correctly. There is no point in using techniques that are not required for the site.

If you do not optimize your website correctly, it might cause you a lot of harm. If you are not using the methods that are required for the site, it might harm your brand and website. This process is called On-Page Search Engine Optimization.

Check your link popularity: Check the link popularity of your site. It is never a good idea to use methods that are not required for the site. Make sure the sources of links to your website are legitimate and that they are not link farms or spammy. Avoid getting links from sites that are not related to your website.

Check your keyword density: Check the keyword density of each page. If you have more keywords on a page, it might harm your site. If you do not use the required keywords, it might create problems. The problem is called keyword stuffing. This is when a page if built with the keyword dominating most of the page and the content makes no sense.

After checking the points above, you need to do the following:

Create new keywords: New keywords that are relevant to your site are never a bad idea. Also, ensure that you create a good collection of related keywords.

Add content: Content is the most important and the most overlooked element of SEO. When you add content, you should ensure that it should have new keywords and phrases you create from the step above. Also, ensure that the content is related to your site.

Add tags: Tags that are relevant to your site are never a bad idea. This is because you can add these tags to the images that you have. The alt tag is especially useful for images. Also, ensure that the tags have good keywords.

Keep the code clean: Clean up your page code so that it should be fully SEO friendly, for example, remove any unnecessary tags, comments, etc.

Other than the above, you also need to check the site for content as well as for the site as a whole. It should be a well balanced page with the right number of content.