Prosperity Automated System (PAS) commemorated its 1000th member 5 months back and now is reaching its 4000th member. Following several years of advancement, and with a financial investment in excess of $3 million, The Prosperity Automated System (PAS) is rather just among the most innovative online organization & prospecting system of its kind worldwide today. Members make $3,000 or $1,100 per sale after the very first qualifying sale.PAS is an extremely powerful prospecting and sorting system which attaches itself to the online search engine, and draws in individuals who are serious about building an online income. It then electronically sorts through all these prospects to weed out the tire kickers, so you don’t need to -by talking with each possibility personally. This conserves hours upon hours of phoning strangers and cold calling … something that is for a lot of a major reason for failure.The result is that only severe buyers stay in your system.

If they buy a system from you, that’s great! If not, they can still create revenue for you through purchasing one of your extra products or opportunities. This is accomplished by means of our Megawealth-Adwords ™ module and the tactical placement of as much as 6 high-visibility item advertisements, featured within your primary website So, if you already have an item range to market, or you are currently involved in any other home-business chances or affiliate programs, your PAS system can help you make additional earnings creating product sales too.There are 3 primary reasons for organization failure and the Success Automated System alleviates them all.

The 3 factors are: First, individuals usually do not like to possibility or make cold calls– P.A.S. does it for you.The second factor

people stop working is since they do not understand how to sell or seal the deal, it might be as easy as they hesitate to talk to people– P.A.S. does that for you too!The third most reason for failure is stabilizing your time. If you have a full-time task, a family, and another activity, there’s very little time to seek success. P.A.S. removes the time factor. The P.A.S. system works for you 24/7/365. Even when you’re sleeping, you’re making money!For more details, please go to the or just claim totally free reward gifts worthwhile$1772 here:

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