Perhaps among the very best methods to illustrate the distinction between the bad and the rich is by taking a look at farming …

A farmer buys some seeds and all the equipment required to plant, grow and collect them. The farmer invests months of overdue work and a great deal of his cash to grow his seeds so that he can collect later on and lastly enjoy the benefits of all his hard work.To speed things up, the farmer can spend more of his money and work with employees to plant and grow his seeds for him. The employees then invest their time to grow the farmer’s service and when harvest comes, the workers get nothing of the benefits as they were currently rewarded for their work (income). The farmer makes so much (profits) from offering his harvest that he can pay a growing number of employees to do his work for him. The farmer winds up doing less and less work himself yet make more and more money.10 years pass and the employee is still stuck in the same hole, still striving for his cash however the farmer offered his farm and now lives in a mansion;)

Moral of the story: grow your own seeds!Growing your Multi level marketing services is not unlike this farming story. It does require effort in the beginning and you are not spent for that work, you are only paid for the outcomes that you achieve(harvest). When those outcomes begin coming in, they keep coming month after month without any additional work being required as your trees keep producing fruits. Your organization even grow quicker and quicker by itself as your consumers begin growing their own organization within your company. I guess we might call the multi level marketing market the business of growing money trees … Every single consumer you refer is a possible money tree and you need to nurture it so that it grows big and strong!Take excellent care of your clients and they’ll

reward you handsomely for it!

Photos provided by Pexels