So it is looking like I may be leaving Venezuela quickly and I am beginning to wonder what I am going to provide for cash when I return. I spent a load to come down here and now the majority of it has actually disappeared as I paid my charge card costs with checking account that had no money coming in. I won’t require too much right away as I will be going to law school and getting financial assistance. I am ultimately going to need some cash.During law school

it is hard to find a job that will be versatile adequate to comprehend a law trainees schedule; one that will let you move around you hours based on classes and examinations. I was thinking about it and questioning if I might find a data entry task part time. You know one that will pay me for the work I get done and I can do it at my speed. Preferably they could offer me a particular quantity of work for a week and I might simply do it that week when I get a possibility, however as long as I did it I would get paid.There have to be information entry lobs like this out there. Okay so they probably do not pay in addition to the other more stable ones but they would still pay. If these types of data entry tasks show difficult to discover maybe I will simply do what all my good friends threatened to do when college got to hard; stuff envelopes or fill out online surveys. Hey I am going to be a poor struggling law trainee, I am not to proud to things envelopes, I will just have to buy a lot of bandaids.

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