I understand, by now you are snug and relaxing in your own web host’s warm fail-proof server with megabytes exuding from every web page.Right now your probably beaming with self-confidence because you understand that your web host considers any technical problem appearing on your website, as a personal affront. I am sure also, that you are gaining from the spaciousness of a ‘gig’or more of roomy server space.This, you no doubt demanded to accommodate the crowds that are attracted magnetically to your site daily, while you hesitantly enable them to buy your wares.Alas, I once understood that same relaxing feeling!Emphasis here on the past thence, for I just recently was required to”journey the Web wonderful” in search

of a brand-new web host.You see, one day when I found that my web forms would no longer perform, I calmly grabbed Mr. Bell’s gizmo to notify the hosting company of my little predicament. After all, I had been a star boarder for over two years and quite naturally was under the ridiculous impression that all my issues would be rapidly dispatched, instead I was!It appears my web host had actually recently chosen that tech service was simply too unimportant and irritating to be of importance.In addition, I had the audacity to relate such an unimportant topic by phone. I guess in some hosting circles answering the telephone is a real no-no. I was quickly informed I should send in what is called a”Assistance Ticket.”A support-ticket I discovered, is an email plea for assistance that provides you all the confidence of waving a distress flag in an empty room, only mine was not as effective!Meanwhile, my little predicament was beginning to worsen visitors, an accomplishment which I

should confess is enjoyable at times, but certainly tough on the pocketbook.So in exasperation, I understand you will not think it but I do get a little peeved sometimes, I packed my collection of megabytes and

started my mission for another web host, together with a”Gig,” or more of server space.As I skipped happily along the incredibly highway by means of my favorite online search engine, it soon emerged that I might no longer cling to my air of self-confidence, let alone dreams of frugality.Have you observed recently how they have actually twisted the significance of that beautiful word’ cheap!’ As a result it’s getting harder and harder for me to preserve my image. And the expression, ‘Client service’has turned into more of a motto then a certainty. All frequently the term’24/7 support’ really means, “Do not call us, we’ll call you.

“Nevertheless, although this mind-blowing search had actually left me”Google-eyezed,”I had to confess that there actually are numerous great webhosting populating the Internet.Of course, while looking for my new host I had to focus on such seemingly ordinary things as; Server side consists of, Data transfer rate, which ever popular Secure socket layers.Boy, I don’t know about you, but I definitely want all my sockets, particularly the layers, to be secure.And, get a load of those’cron jobs, ‘sounds profane does not it! Furthermore, are you sure Perl isn’t a knitting term.So my recommendations is, if you have an excellent web host cover your arms around your nearest FTP access and hold on for dear life.An excellent web host is deposit. So, may I want you many pleased uploads and profitable downloads.As for me

, I’ve discovered the perfect host from which I’ll never ever roam, who would-would you! Now it’s blue skies forever. Yet I did become aware of one that …

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