For any B2B, finding clients consistently can be an ongoing challenge. One day your pipeline is bursting with unique business prospects. Then the next day can be completely dry.

With your attention focused on delivering for your current clients, it’s hard to think about who should be your next client. But if you aren’t closing new business, you’re only one call away from uncertainty. 

Emails are one of the most common ways for B2B businesses to reach out to potential leads, usually cold. One of the best ways to gather emails of cold leads is through

Through this service and the use of persuasive writing strategies, emails can be quite an effective way to get the attention of cold leads. These emails need to grab attention right off the bat in order to be effective. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Make It Personal

Making cold emails personal can be more effective than other marketing channels such as pay-per-click or direct mail. 

Once you identify the decision-maker, you should personalize the email towards them. Find out what they are involved in around the community, or in their professional space. People love attention to their work, which is why if you can personalize your email to their contributions or work, you are more likely to get their attention.

Craft A Subject Line That Really Stands Out

You’ve got less than a second to capture your prospect’s attention. This is why it is critical your email doesn’t give the vibe of spam. Your email should also make them feel that you know a lot about them and that they are a well-researched lead. These professionals get a ton of emails on a daily basis. That’s why your email really needs to stand out.

Keep It Short And Skimmable

Keep your email under 200 words and talk about meaningful things which show your interest in the things they are involved in. Make the email focus more on them and what they can potentially gain from working with you. Do not make your organization the focus of your email. 

Adopt a “give first” approach, where you try to offer potential clients and leads value at every step of the interaction. By making the discussion about them, and offering value at every interaction, you will give off a good vibe that will make it easy to build trust and make a sale down the road. 

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