Every early morning in Africa, a gazelle gets up. It understands it must run faster than the fastest lion … or … it will be killed.Every early morning

a lion awakens. It understands it needs to outrun the slowest gazelle … or … it will starve to death.It doesn’t matter whether you are a gazelle or a lion, when the sun comes up … you better be running. **** Without any manager breathing down your neck

or clock to punch, It can be so tempting to stay in bed one hour longer, to delay getting the phone and contacting that prospect, or to focus your energy and time on the easy and fun things and put the undesirable things off up until later.One of the core competencies you need to prosper at home-based business is DISCIPLINE. You are now accountable for your success 24/7 and if you aren’t doing what is needed to succeed, there won’t be somebody to come along behind you and tidy up your mess. It’s do or die, eat or be eaten.To truly be successful as a major home-based company owner, you require to

be strong-willed and self-disciplined. You likewise need a strong, thorough, written strategy to keep you on track and in consistent motion.To make sure continuous momentum, you can prepare your day-to-day activities a month in advance, or perhaps

weekly. Some people prefer to dedicate each day of the week to a various job, for instance: Monday-marketing Tuesday -business building Wednesday- consumer relations … therefore on.Others choose to carry out a variety of tasks on any provided day, for example: Monday

marketing (morning)

, organization structure(

afternoon)Tuesday -customers relations( early morning), industry research

(afternoon)The most important element here is have a Strategy and adhere to it.Although the majority of people begin a home-based business to develop freedom, a number of them fail to recognize the vital significance of a structured plan.No strategy =no business and no

company =no freedom.So keep in mind, hit the flooring running each early morning, keep ahead of those who are following behind and surpass those in front of you.

Whether you’re the lion or the gazelle, you’ve got to run! 2006 © Laurie Hayes-The HBB Source

Photos provided by Pexels