Moonlighting for a Second Earnings

More people now, experiencing the “credit crunch” are “Moonlighting” with the sole function of creating an additional income to make it through and which before, utilized to be to manage luxuries.Moonlighting handles numerous types, ie those that take a 2nd task over and above their normal job and the other individuals who likewise have a routine task, however who are competent in what they do and use a service to anybody ready to pay them outside of normal working hours.With the latter kind of “Moonlighter”this can be a win scenario for both the customer and the moonlighter alike.The consumer gets a task done by a professional for a portion of the typical cost of employing possibly the same specialist through the Company she or he works for. Contribute to this, the advantage of the moonlighter offering his/her services outside of regular business hours. ie no need to take time off work to wait on the washing maker engineer to call and fix your broken appliance.The moonlighter gets an extra increase to his or her typical income.Needless to state, there are risks

related to this practice, for both the moonlighter and the consumer.From a Consumer point

of view, if wishing to utilize the services of such a moonlighter, it makes good sense to use just someone recommended or at the very least, ensure that he or she has suitable liability insurance cover for any unanticipated accidents etc.The biggest danger nevertheless, is for that of the moonlighter.Most employers, will take a very dim view of anybody performing or using a service in the same field as which the

moonlighter is used by them. Anybody considering this path would succeed to examine their contract of employment to ensure that they do not breach the terms of this and which might cause termination if discovered out. If in doubt ask!Moonlighters need to constantly make certain they have appropriate liability insurance coverage, to cover them against claims for unintentional damage or perhaps neglect etc.There is another kind of moonlighter. Those individuals and there are increasingly more of them, who begin an on line home based business part time. The attraction of having the ability to make a substantial increase in income on line, is attracting hundreds if not countless people

daily.No matter what type of moonlighter, they are all making every effort for a typical goal … to make money!It can not be stressed enough, that when you earn money, you attract the Tax Guy! You should keep records of all income and expense and be prepared to put some aside for when the Tax man desires his cut!Copyright © Graham Maddison-2008

Photos provided by Pexels