The especial province of the mom is the avoidance of illness, not its treatment. When disease assaults the kid, the mom has then a part to perform, which it is particularly important throughout the dates of infancy and childhood need to be succeeded. I refer to those responsibilities which make up the maternal part of the management of disease.Medical treatment, for its effective concern, is significantly reliant upon a mindful, pains-taking, and cautious maternal superintendence. No medical treatment can obtain at any time, if directions be only partly carried out, or be negligently addressed; and will most assuredly fail completely, if neutralized by the incorrect bias of oblivious attendants. To the affections of infancy and youth, this remark applies with excellent force; since, at this period, illness is normally so sudden in its assaults, and fast in its development, that unless the procedures prescribed are rigidly and promptly administered, their exhibit is soon rendered completely fruitless.The amount of suffering, too, might be greatly lessened by the thoughtful and critical attentions of the mom. The desires and necessities of the child need to be prepared for; the fretfulness produced by disease, soothed by kind and caring persuasion; and the possibility of the ill and delicate child being exposed to severe and ungentle conduct, carefully offered against.Again, not just is a firm and strict compliance with medical directions in the administration of treatments, of regimen, and basic steps, essential, but an objective, loyal, and full report of signs to the doctor, when he visits his little patient, is of the first importance. An ignorant servant or nurse, unless fantastic caution be worked out by the medical attendant, might, by an unintentional however incorrect report of symptoms, produce a really wrong impression upon his mind, regarding the real state of the disease. His judgment may, as a repercussion, be prejudiced in an incorrect direction, and the outcome prove seriously injurious to the welldoing of the client. The medical male can not sit hour after hour enjoying signs; thus the terrific significance of their being faithfully reported. This can alone be done by the mother, or some individual equally competent.There are other weighty considerations which may be adduced here, showing how much relies on efficient maternal management in the time of illness; but they will be severally dwelt upon, when the illness with which they are more especially linked are mentioned.

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