Assuming you already have a fairly great idea of what you desire on your website and will more than likely be composing your own copy or having it composed for you, here are 10 questions you require solutioned to assist you create an effective web website without breaking the bank or delaying your plans.1.

Price by task or by the hour? Accepting a per hour rate contract offers you little control over costs unless you put a spending cap into effect. If you need to exercise the spending cap, what if your site is just partially finish? Inevitably, you will need to dish out more dough to get it completed and this is a strain you wish to prevent as you start your brand-new organization.2.

As soon as the website is complete who will preserve it? If the developer offers this service, what are the expenses and turn-around time? If you ‘d rather presume modification control, do they use access to and training on modifying software application?

3. What is the anticipated conclusion date for the site? You wish to remain in a position to plan ahead for the launch. Having this details will allow you to arrange your marketing efforts and focus on all other plans that incorporate to “going live”.4.

What is the payment structure? Do they want all of the cash up front? Half now, half upon completion? Make sure you hold back partial payment up until your website is complete and you are completely satisfied with the results.5.

Will your designer send your website to the online search engine or will this be your responsibility? If this is your obligation, do your homework to guarantee you cover all the actions. (Keywords and META tags should be done prior to submission.)

6. Who will be responsible for seo? This is normally an add-on service, so find out if your designer includes it with site advancement, provides it at an additional expense, or if you will need to contract it out to a 3rd party.7.

Who will hold the master secret to your website? Ensure you do! Do not leave this important component of your business and marketing strategy in the control of a third celebration. Get all passwords and access to all information.8.

Will your developer teach you how to read your web logs/stats so you can understand the how, what, where and why of your visitors?

9. Has the designer developed other sites for your specific niche market?

10. Has the web designer provided a portfolio, testimonials or referrals from others in your niche market? Have you validated the references?A website is a significant

element of your marketing method and organization success. Do your due diligence in choosing a web designer and don’t hesitate to ask as lots of questions as it requires to completely understand both your and your designer’s function in the process.2006 © Laurie Hayes-The HBB Source

If you have to exercise the spending cap, what if your website is only partially complete? Once the website is total who will preserve it? What is the anticipated conclusion date for the website? Will your designer send your site to the search engines or will this be your obligation? Who will hold the master secret to your site?

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